The character song for Smart Falcon of Uma Musume. This song was created by famous musicians in "nerd music" circles, Hyadain and penoreri. This translation is a bit of a work-in-progress, but it's in an OK state. Refer to notes.

My position's number 0! My place's number one!

Get Zero!真ん中目指せ! Get Zero! Aim for the middle! Go to Top! 一番手!! Go to Top! Come in first place!! ばっちり きらめいて Sparkle flawlessly あなたとYouと君に 希望届けるから! because hopes and dreams will be sent to Yourself and You and Thee! ファル子 絶対的センター 目指しまーす! I'm fal-ko, aiming to be the absoluuute best center! 立ち位置ゼロ番(センター!) My position's number zero (center!) 順位は一番(ナンバーワン!) My place is number one (number one!) 絶対(絶対!) 命題(命題!) I definetly (definetly!) think that I (you are!) アイドルだもん(ふっふー) can be an idol, you know? (woo-hoo!) 全国各地に(エビバディ!) I'd like send it out to (passion!) 届けたいのだな(パッション!) every corner of the country (everybody!) 熱く(熱く!)たぎる(たぎる!) With spirit (spirit!) I can make it (you can do it!) ウイニングライブ(ふっふー) to the Winning Live! (woo-hoo!) ちっちゃなことからでっかいことまで chiccha na koto kara dekkai koto made From itty bitty things to massive incidents 全力 全力 ドサっと回って zenryoku zenryoku dosetto mawatte with all your strength, all your strength, with a thud, spin around ちりつも精神忘れずに chiritsumo seishin wasurezuni little by little, without forgetting who you are 「努力は当然でしょ!」 "It's only natural to work hard, right?!" キラキラしたいんだ(シャイニング!) I wanna sparkle (shining!) 照明さん よろしく!(フォーミー!) so work with me, lighting! (for me!) 野心(野心!)全開(全開!) With ambition, (ambition!) and all my strength (full power!) 掴み取るんだ!! I swear I'll catch on!! ウマドルたるもの イバラの哲学 As an uma-idol, your hard-to-swallow philosophy うまくいかないことだらけ is that a lot will go wrong でも負けられない! but you can't lose! Get Zero!(Fu Foo!) 真ん中目指せ! Get Zero!(Fu Foo!) mannaka mezase! Get Zero! (WOO-HOO!) Aim for the middle! Go to Top! (Fu Foo!) 一番手!! Go to Top! (Fu Foo!) ichibante!! Go to Top! (WOO-HOO!) Come in first place!! がっつり(Fu Foo!) 勝ち取っちゃう! gattsuri(Fu Foo!) gachitocchau! Absolutely gonna (WOO-HOO!) take the win! 連戦連勝のトップウマドル A top uma-idol victorious again and again! Get Zero! (Fu Foo!) 譲れない願い Get Zero! (WOO-HOO!) An unyielding wish Go to Top! (Fu Foo!) 先鋒ダッシュ! Go to Top! (WOO-HOO!) Spearhead the dash! ばっちり(Fu Foo!)きらめいて bacchiri (WOO-HOO!) kirameite Sparkle (WOO-HOO!) flawlessly あなたとYouと君に 希望届けるから! anata to You to ki ni kibou todokeru kara! because hopes and dreams will be sent to Yourself and You and Thee! ご覚悟!ファル子's LOVE!! Prepare yourself! For Fal-ko's LOVE!! 泥臭いだとか 草の根だとか Whether they say "it smells dirty!" or "it comes with the turf!" それは 全部 sore wa zenbu All of them 褒め言葉! are words of praise! 色んなところで 色んな人達 All kinds of people in all kinds of places 愛を くれた gave me love ひとりじゃない I'm not alone ウマドルたるもの みんながいてこそ As an uma-idol, you're stronger with everyone 1+1が100万バリキ 1+1 is 1M horsepower 眠たい休みたいわかるけれどさ You want to sleep, you want to take a break, you know it, but even so 「一緒に練習しよ!」 issho ni renshuu shiyo! "Let's train together!" 仲間でライバル(負けない!) Friends and rivals (don't give up!) 年とか関係ない(やるぞ!) No matter what year we're in (let's do it!) 夢は(夢は) 一つ(一つ) We have just one (just one) dream (dream) 一等賞だ! First prize! ゲート開くたび 見えるイメージ The same vision every time the gate opens ピンスポ! スモーク! カメラがパーン!! Spotlight! Smoke! The camera pans!! Get Zero! (Fu Foo!) 他はやだやだ Get Zero! (WOO-HOO!) Won't accept anything else! Go to Top! (Fu Foo!) 確定です!! Get to Top! (WOO-HOO!) It's a done deal!! がっつり (Fu Foo!) いただきます I'm gonna dig in! 夢は夢のままで終わらせない Don't let your dreams be dreams! Get Zero! (Fu Foo!) 見たい景色は Get Zero! (WOO-HOO!) There's only one Go to Top! (Fu Foo!) 一つだけ! Go to Top! (WOO-HOO!) view you want to see! ばっちり (Fu Foo!) 貫いて Flawlessly (WOO-HOO!) piercing through あなたとYouと君と 未来作ろう! because Yourself and You and Thee will build the future! 誰か 蹴落とすだとか I wouldn't think of doing something like そういうことじゃなくて kicking someone else down みんなが 認める because I want to be トップウマドルになってみせるよ! an uma-idol appreciated by everyone! 約束するよ! It's a promise! Get Zero!真ん中目指せ! Get Zero! mannaka mezase! Get Zero! Aim for the middle! Go to Top! 一番手!! Go to Top! ichibante!! Go to Top! Come in first place!! がっつり (Fu Foo!) 勝ち取っちゃう! Flawlessly securing the win! 完全無欠のトップウマドル An absolutely flawless top uma-idol! Get Zero! (Fu Foo!) センターの責任 Get Zero! (WOO-HOO!) The duty of a center Go to Top! (Fu Foo!) 覚悟済み Get to Top! (WOO-HOO!) is to come prepared ばっちり (Fu Foo!) 駆け抜けて Flawlessly galloping through あなたとYouと君を 幸せにするよ because Yourself and You and Thee will create happiness! さあ届け!ファル子's LOVE!! So listen up! Fal-ko's LOVE!! 突然 ファルセット Suddenly falsetto 立ち位置ゼロ番!順位は一番! My position's number 0! My place's number one!


I'm not really an idol fan! Seriously. I know some may find that hard to believe. But this song encapsulates Hyadain's classic catchiness and combines the mindset of an aspiring hard worker with in-game references to Uma Musume.

As of now I have the following sticking points with this translation:

  • Yourself and You and Thee sounds really bad IMO but it's all I could come up with
  • 100万バリキ is a skill from the game, but I'm not sure if the 1+1 is a reference to anything. I'm assuming it's just cute.
  • "泥臭いだとか 草の根だとか" would be more literally translated as "such as smelling like mud, such as being grassroots" but I don't think "being grassroots" is an insult or has a negative connotation in at American culture (and I attempt to make American English translations). So I decided to convert this into more obvious lyrical references to the track types in the game: turf/grass and dirt (mud).

the song recommendation is: sm42101781