A simplistic drawing of a cat


20 y/o electrical engineering and robotics student passionate about human-centered robotic systems, RF, and fun computing.

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Welcome to my personal website! This is my corner of cyberspace to collate all of the digital projects I've created over the years and share the things I'm passionate about with the world.

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My hometown is Chicago, IL, but I'm also spending time living in Indiana, where I attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and am living in different states for summer work.
I'm a native English speaker et j'ai étudié le français pendant 12 ans, mais je suis rouillé. 今日本語を勉強しています!私と日本語を喋りますください!いつも楽しみ!
At my university, I am the president of our RF club, W9NAA. I'm making music and working hard at attempting to understand electromagnetics. For fun, I like to draw, build robots, and ride my bike.

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