One of the vocaloid songs I couldn't stop listening to as a kid. It was originally, but erroneously, translated as "dream inside a dream". I actually think that's a pretty good English title for the song-- I consider it living on in spirit.

Goodnight inside a goodnight

浅い青の風が横切る The dull blue wind passes through 聞き慣れない言葉の中で among words I don't recognize 深い夜がかき混ぜられて Stirring late at night, 朝が来れば眠りにつける when morning comes, I should be able to sleep おやすみ Good night 気がついたら夢の中は I come to inside a tedious, 味気なくて退屈で insipid dream, 眠ることに飽きた僕は and tired of sleeping, 窓を開けて外を見る I open the window and look out. 代わり映えのしない時間 Time unchanging, 夢の中と同じ場所 the same as the place inside a dream, 生きることに飽きた僕は tired of living, 駅のほうに飛んでいく I fly toward the train station. ピンク色の空 The pink color of the sky 食べつくす雲 Eating up the clouds 世界が回るよ The world revolves 僕だけのために for me alone 終わらない迷路 A labyrinth without an end 解けないパズル An unsolvable puzzle いろんな色で混ざり合うよ A variety of colors are being mixed together. ああ Aaah, 薄く日常を切り取られた A thin piece of everyday life cut away 聞き慣れない言葉の中で among words I don't recognize 耳を裂いた飛行機の音 The ear-splitting sound of an airplane そして僕は眠りにつける and then I fall sleep. おやすみ Good night 気がついたら家の中で I come to in a tedious, 味気なくて退屈な insipid house 生きることをやめたはずの I was supposed to stop living. 窓の外で風が吹く Wind blows outside the window. 気がついたら空は青く I come to and the sky is blue, 車の音がうるさい the sounds of cars is annoying me. すべての糸がほつれ合う All the thread has frayed. これは夢の中の夢 This is a dream inside a dream. パラレルな音色 A parallel timbre カラフルな傘 A colorful umbrella 世界を回すよ The world revolves また眠るために for sleep alone again 見つかった出口 An exit discovered スマートな道 A clever path 答えが出た 未来の光 An answer appears- the light of the future !? 浅い青の風が横切る The dull blue wind passes through 聞き慣れない言葉の中で among words I don't recognize 浅い夢をかき混ぜられて Stirring in the dull dream いつも通り眠りにつける I'll fall asleep as always. おやすみ Good night


It's an overdue sentiment, but I'd like to work on more siinamota songs. He was my favorite vocaloid producer and his songs taught me to love music as a kid.

the song recommendation is: sm17937399